Suitcase Dinners are our one-night pop-up dinner events which are based around a specific theme. They are an exclusive dining experience and reminiscent of eating in a foreign land, always packed with an element of surprise. The food is always authentic, carefully prepared by our food artisans native to the culture.

You can also commission us to do a themed dinner to celebrate a special birthday, an academic achievement or even a special employees night at work. Contact us for theme options, meal menus and rates.

Palestine on a Plate

Date to be announced 

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Image by Louis Hansel

Lactose free

Gluten free






Take your special someone to a mysterious  dinner in Palestinian style. It's nothing like you have ever experienced before. To create more mystery and excitement, the location for this event will remain a secret until you register! However, do not worry, it is an easily accessible location in the city centre.